JLP P226 Fiber Optic front sight (Booster)


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FRONT SIGHT is the most important part of the pistol , pistol shooter who can acquire the front sight quickly will cause him/her shoot faster . A Brighter [ Fiber-Optic front sight ] will also help the shooter acquire the front sight and focus on it easier and faster.

-JLP Front Sight is the Brightest Fiber-Optic front sight on the market , the special design of the front sight makes more light insert to the fiber optic rod.

-The fiber optic dot has been moved up to the very top of the front sight , so the shooter doesn't get confused with shooting off the top of the dot or a big , thick blade sitting above it , which can cause the shooter to shoot either Too High or Too Low.

-Include 1.5mm Green and Red fiber optic rods

-Made of Steel

-For MARUI p226 series ( P226 , P226E2)

product code: JLP-ACC226 (Accelerator) , JLP-BOO226 (Booster)

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