PDI 01 6.01mm Precision Barrel for Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 (6inch) GBB


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PDI barrels are cold-hammer forged from stainless steel, which is the same process how real rifle barrels are produced. They have a superior tolerance and roundness of the inner surface compared to anything else on the market.

Internal diameter 6.01mm built for precision shooting
Genuine Products by PDI
Stainless Steel Tightbore Upgrade Barrel
Advance Technology forming by Cold Forging on Stainless Steel result in tolerance no more than ±0.002mm
Suitable for Airsoft Gas Blow Black GBB Series Pistol
Choose this barrel to suit your Airsoft model
Perfect for tighter grouping & more accurate shooting

Length : 136mm
Inner Diameter : 6.01mm
Outer Diameter : 8.55mm
Tolerance : ±0.002mm

1. For custom upgrade user, you can always choose a longer Barrel if you have a extended Outer Barrel or Silencer installed
2. Please be careful to dust on BB, it might cause jam while shooting. Always choose high quality BB bullets for this 6.01mm precision barrel, PDI recommend Maruzen's BBs which are not reported by the jam.

Item Weight (gram) 35
Major Color Silver
Length ~136mm
Adaptive End N/A
Built Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Manufacturer PDI

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